Healing Spork

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This is a great multi-purpose healing tool. A must have for any practitioner or anyone who practices self-care.

“This Spork is a wonderful tool to balance and stabilize your polarities.”

-Donna Eden



This is a handy energy tool to have with you at all times. It fits smoothly into the palm of your hand. Stainless steel sporks (spoon and fork) are used in Donna Eden’s work to fix polarity and grounding issues. This is a great tool for any practitioner of any modality as well as anyone who practices self-care. It is super easy to use!

How to Use:
Just rub the spoon or fork side on the bottoms of your feet (be mindful with the fork, you don’t want to hurt yourself or your client).  It feels great!

It will:

  • Fix any polarity issues you may be having – anywhere on your body
  • Grounds you…great after plane travel!
  • Opens your K1 (Kidney Meridian #1 – under your foot) so that you can easily absorb earths healing energies
  • Encourages the Earth’s Yin energy to flow up into your body
  • It’s a great way to jump start your entire energy system – it wakes up your energies

Note: Grounding can be associated with polarity issues at times.
Read more about grounding.

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