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Crystals carry angelic energy and can heal so many imbalances within and around your body. And, they can add the power of rainbow energy to your home when put it in a sunny window.

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These Crystals are not only beautiful and handcrafted but also an extremely effective healing tool.  If you, or your client, are sensitive to magnets these are for you! Even if you are not magnet sensitive you want one of these in your healing tool bag as they have so many benefits for your energy.

They will:

  • Clear any blockages by spinning the crystal over the problem area
  • Clear meridian pathways by spinning them at the beginning and ends of your meridian pathways, if you are unsure of where they are see my Meridian Maiden Chart
  • Increase your intuition by spinning it over your 6th, or third eye chakra
  • Strengthen your aura by spinning it all around you
  • Clear negativity from your energy field and your environment
  • Increase your immune system by strengthening your auric field
  • Clear and balance chakras with them
  • Close any tears or holes in the auric field
  • Aids your aura and energy system regain it’s strength after an injury or surgery
  • For deep root chakra healing work, see the red crystal

Suspended on nylon and handcrafted with glass beads and/or additional crystals, each crystal is unique. I make different colors because each color has it’s own special healing benefits.  For the first time user or as a fail safe energy tool go with the clear. If you are using crystals in for advanced protocols or are just drawn to certain colors you can read about them below in the Colored Crystal Meaning below.

Inside Tip: When you are not using your Crystal you can put it in your window that gets sun to create rainbows all over that room. Rainbow energy is very healing, and it attracts angelic positive energy to any environment, and it’s beautiful!

These are fantastic gifts!!!

Find out more about the healing properties of colored crystals here by Donna Eden and David Feinstein

The Auric Strengthener

This is an easy way to fix holes and tears in the aura. It also helps strengthen a person’s aura after surgery (which is always needed) or if someone has environmental/energetic sensitivities.

When someone has gone through surgery, trauma or a deep illness, sometimes you have to help strengthen his or her Aura. Whatever happens in the body, will come in through the Aura first. This is why we are always doing Auric Protection exercises in Eden Energy Medicine. It is great preventive care!

Using Crystals are a great practice for strengthening your auric field, especially if you are susceptible to illness. If you feel as if you are very sensitive to energies and want to strengthen your aura, you can use a Clear Crystal moving it in and out of your auric field and you can use this same movment using a figure-8 crossover motion too.

You may work with individual chakras and their colors using colored crystals and / or with colored light. You can also get colored lens and shine light through them on body organs and chakras. You can get these tools from Donna Eden, my Mothers site, Innersource.

  • Spin the crystal around your body and out into your auric field… a few inches out or even further if you feel drawn to do that – you cannot do it wrong! Keep doing this around your Aura, and around your whole body. Don’t forget under your feet and over your head! You can use the powerful figure-8 motion as well to bring in crossover energy and to harmonize all your energy systems
  • For clearing chakras spin the crystal counter clockwise to clear and clockwise to strengthen and balance. Our Chakra system is directly related to auric field health so it’s important to address both
  • If you use the Red crystal around your Root you can bring up the Red Crystal energy through the other chakras, so that they are all working together harmoniously

Colored Crystal Meanings

You can spin the crystal of a chosen color over different chakras, for different ailments or emotional issues as an addition to a chakra session. You can also help your aura stay attached or mend up open vortexes or holes in your aura for stability, grounding and sensitive individuals. You can intuitively feel what color a client may need as well or use these guidelines.

Clear cut glass Crystals- *If you are new to Crystal work, start with this crystal. It is the primary crystal that Donna Eden uses for healing work. For connecting up to Universal Energy, Clears fields of negative energy, Widens and heals gaps in the aura for protection. This crystal is for clarity and clearing out chakra glunk, for any of the chakras. It is for awakening intuition when spun over third eye and for opening up the crown when spun over it. It brings more light into ones energy field and can reflect out to get rid of the negativity, when spun in your auric field.

Pink Crystal- This crystal is for issues of the heart and heartbreak. It brings a sense of calm and peace when energy is chaotic and nervous. It is also a nice one to spin over aura for self love. It can help one look younger. It connects to Universal Love, and brings a softness to anger and revenge. Spin on your heart chakra for releasing pain, heartache, self-love, forgiveness and anything dealing with the heart chakra.

Blue  Crystal- This crystal is mostly used on throat chakra issues.

Cobalt Blue- Helps one go deeper into their true emotions. Cobalt also helps clarity to situations. Balances heart and head together. It helps both the throat, the heart and issues of emotional communication. It helps in the sense of connecting the mind to the place of healthy communication. It is great for kidney and throat issues. It is great for connecting to the Water element of flow and movement in life Helps to calm anxiety and nerves and your own emotions.

Light Blue Crystal- It brings in a lightness to stressful emotions. The Light Blue Crystal brings in a sense of compassion to sessions where forgiveness is impossible and anger is hard to let go of. It is a calming crystal. It too, connects with the element of Water

Aqua Crystal~ Brings clarity to situations, enlivens creativity, inspires thought and words to flow.  Helps you to find your voice and your own truths.  Connects in with your Throat, Thyroid and Heart Chakra.  Aqua brings in playfulness, helping you to rise up out of the emotional stress that can happen with the throat chakra.

Deep Forest Green Crystal- This crystal brings growth and wisdom that runs deep and can bubble up when spun over chakras. This crystal is for deep wounds and healing. It goes into the depths to pull out the deeper issues that may be lurking.

It’s about transformation and transcendence.  It can help one stand up for oneself. It may even help you with monetary flow as it deals with abundance, money issues, healing of the liver and gallbladder and bringing up wood element.  It is also good for Spine & Governing Meridian.

Light Green Crystal~For Heart chakra issues, growth and happiness, and surprising luck.  It is also good for calming. Light Green brings in a sense of lightness of being. It is a crystal that enlivens and rejuvenates.

Light Violet Crystal This crystal is used when lightening up situations, bringing in ease, removing stress.  It brings lightness to chakras that need to stop being so serious. There is also a playful nature relating to the fairy world with this color.   It also brings a sense of calm and serenity and faith and belief, allowing for the flight for ideas, bringing hope and joy.

 Violet Crystal- This Crystal works on a deep psychic level and opens up intuition for each chakra. It brings connection to higher Spiritual Realms, as well as connecting to your Third eye and helps to open up intuition. The Metal Element would like this crystal and they also need the Red crystal for grounding. *Read Titanya’s Red Crystal Article for more information!

Deep Purple Crystal-This is a very dark color.  It is used for grounding issues on some people that feel very airy in their energy. It is powerful like a Warrior’s Strength.

Yellow Crystal- This crystal shines clarity and sunshine into a chaotic world. It gives one a sense of organization and begins to make sense of the confusion. It moves one forward to the next step in life if worked with the Solar Plexus. In this way, the yellow crystal will help you find courage and strength within, helping you to trust yourself with confidence. It also strengthens Central Meridian.

Red Crystal-  This Crystal goes deep to heal sexual issues, especially when worked with the Root and Womb chakras. It opens up creativity flow and joins the heart with self love and healing. It may even bring passionate love into your life! Watch out!                                Also good for measles and mumps, kidneys.

*Read Titanya’s Red Crystal Article for more information!

Amber Crystal~ Helps to Center and Ground to Mother Earth. Creates boundaries-especially for those who always say “yes” to others and not themselves. Helps esatablish a “healthy No”. Also good for the solar plexus, liver, gall bladder issues. Amber, the stone itself, is great for labor pains and teething in children.

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