Handmade Healing Magnets


These unique handmade magnets are a powerful multi-purpose healing tool used to clear blockages and are especially powerful for pain management.


Magnets are an effective and important healing tool:

  • Pain management / pain removal
  • Clearing negativity by spinning them around your energy field
  • Strengthening your aura by spinning it throughout your aura
  • Clearing blockages by spinning them at the meridian beginnings and ends
  • Clearing chakras and awakening them
  • Clearing your environment of negative energy by spinning it around  – remember to clear the corners of your space
  • Helps polarity issues

Each magnet is unique and different. Titanya hand-paints each magnet, suspended on nylon and then they are handcrafted with beautiful glass beads and a jewel on the North side. If you want certain colors she can customize a magnet just for you, please put a note within the order form at checkout.

Please note this is a powerful healing tool so please watch the tutorial video and written instructions – practice safe magnet therapy!
Please read my “How to Use” below.

Note: NEVER use magnets if you have any kind of internal medical device such as a pacemaker.  And unless you have been trained never use the South side of the magnet

If you are magnet sensitive use Titanya’s Healing Crystals


“Magic Magnets” for Pain Control

History: The Chinese system of Acupuncture has evolved over about 6000 years to restore energy and balance to the body. The therapeutic use of magnets for healing has been a part of history for thousands of years. Their use was documented in 350 BC by Aristotle and in 200 B.C., Galan, a Greek physician used magnets to bring about healing. In 1000 A.D., Persian physicians were using magnets to treat muscle spasms. Their use has continued to evolve to the present day.

How to use:

Do not put a magnet near your heart, esp if you have a pace maker.
– Magnets around your body to enliven and repair holes in aura or chakras. This is great for sensitive individuals who have a hard time in cities or big crowds, or feel thrown off by chaotic energies.

– Spin Magnets on certain chakras to enliven them and bring “feel-good” energy.

– Use the North side to release pain (This side is marked with a crystal). Tape this side on your pain for as long as needed. Keep on for an hour or so, but do not leave on overnight or for long periods of time. Never put the South side over your pain! It could grow tumors and increase your pain.

– If you are sensitive to magnets, then use a crystal in the same way.

– For a Broken Limb…You need 3 magnets. Put the north side (of one magnet) against your skin directly over the break. Put a north side of a second magnet against your skin, below the break. Tape a third magnet with south side about an inch above the break, toward your head. This helps close a circuit and heal the bones back together. Only do this a few hours each day.

– For more information about the healing power of magnets, go to Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine.

  • Due to Titanya’s busy travel schedule, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • When we are not traveling most orders ship out within a few days.
  • Applicable sales tax and shipping are added to all items.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

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