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Titanya Monique Dahlin (EEMCP) is an author, a multi-dimensional artist and a certified Waldorf education teacher.  She is a nationally award-winning speaker, an expert at holistic and spiritual ceremonies, a professional award-winning dancer, and is the creator/founder of the popular Energy Medicine Dance program and so much more.  For nearly two decades, Titanya has come into her “own” in the world of Energy Medicine. She has worked closely with her mother …holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden, for most of her life. She is on the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program and is the Movement Coordinator.  She also is one of the co-founders and teachers in the acclaimed Teach the Teacher program.  For more than a decade she has been a featured presenter with annual workshops at the acclaimed Omega Institute in New York.

Titanya has a world-wide following from her teachings in Energy Medicine and she is a sought after expert in the field of Life Colors.  Her professional movement DVDs have sold thousands of copies, worldwide.  Her current projects include a 2 DVD set,  …. Dance the Divine Feminine with Titanya and an audio CD, …..The Wisdom of the Five Energies plus her biggest endeavor… her eagerly awaited book,  Energy Medicine for Kids is due to be published by Putnam-Tarcher in 2017.

Titanya realized that she had a role to play in the Energy Medicine work. Early on, she saw that the Energy Medicine community needed to move more, rather than just sitting in workshops all day. So, she created “Energy Medicine Dance”, which stemmed from her intuition of what the students needed, Energy Medicine exercises, and a long history in dance/movement and conscious healing.

As an Actress…

acttressTitanya has been involved with the theatre since she was a small girl, performing in professional college productions at the age of 5. She has won many awards for national speaking and drama. She has directed both children’s and adult theatre, as well as holds a drama training through the Waldorf Educational system.

As a professional actress, Titanya has written, directed and produced plays that have received rave reviews. She is most notably known for her Mythological Dance/Dramas and one-woman stage productions, Scheherazade ~ The Veil behind the Blade and The Transcendance of Innana. Titanya empowers the feminine spirit and captivates the audience with empowering messages and sacred dance, culture and music. She has produced an eclectic variety of popular belly dance and multicultural dance shows. Always striving to bring peace and healing to our ever-changing world, profound messages always abound in her programs.

Titanya is an animated character, and she directed and costumed many of the characters in the popular new age video game, Journey to Wild Divine. Watch this very powerful video game, where you use your mind and energy to move you through different dimensions.

As a Middle Eastern Dancer…

danceTitanya is part Irish, Scottish, Swedish, three tribes of Native American and Ruthenian (Russian) Gypsy. She is sought after for her knowledge of the history of the dance and its ancient symbolism. She has performed and taught throughout the world. In belly dance, she has been nominated as Best Kept Secret in Zaghareet Magazine, and has won first place in the Scarab Category at the Double Crown Competition in Oregon. Her eclectic dance style stems from her studies in Polynesian, Ballroom, Jazz, African and Flamenco dance. In Middle Eastern dance, Titanya teaches Lebanese, Turkish, Egyptian, “Gypsy”, “Flamenco and Polynesian Fusion” and Middle Eastern Folk dance. Her specialty is Zambra Mora and has even gone to Spain to research its origins. Titanya is known for her beautifully unique arm and hand work, veil and fan veils.

Stay tuned for her new DVD, Dance the Divine Feminine- Energy Medicine for Women through Belly Dance. For more information, go to her other website… www.TitanyaSpirit.com

Throughout her life, she has studied many forms of esoteric and healing studies as they relate to dance and movement that led her to create Five Element Bellydance in 1996, which incorporates the ancient Chinese Five Element system into her belly dance workshops. She and her sister, Dondi, teach their popular annual resort workshop in this very unique style, at various retreat centers and festivals including Rakkasah Bellydance Festival and Tribal Fest, Omega Institute, Feather Pipe Ranch, Body, Mind, Spirit Festival in U.K and Australia. As a teacher of Middle Easter dance, she uses the dance to teach female empowerment to women throughout the world.

As a Healer…

healerTitanya is the daughter of Leading Health Pioneer, Donna Eden and a third generational healer herself. Titanya began to realize there was a connection to everything that she was doing, and she continued to study Esoteric and Healing studies. “Early on, it was through my dance and storytelling that people would say that they were transformed by my performances. It blew me away!” Titanya says. “My dance has been a powerful way to connect with Spirit… for me and for the audience.”

Titanya found her “Inner Healer” when she was a dance teacher. “To translate this beautiful ancient form of communication to my students through movement and help them to connect to their own divine feminine source, was satisfying for me. I loved my own dance teachers and I want to let my students have the same wonderful experience that I did.”

Throughout the year, Titanya assists Donna Eden in her Energy Medicine workshops leading her own popular form of movement, Energy Medicine Dance! She leads movement to groups of up to 500 students and is always a big hit. She also has four popular DVDs: Meridian Flow Motion, Energy Dance, Organic Energy Dance, and The Energy of the Poi.

One of Titanya’s unique gifts, that was (unbeknown to her) handed down from her Mother’s side of family, is of “hearing and feeling energy” and a natural ability to heal intuitionally, letting her hands lead her as she went. Although, she will tell you that she would rather not have had this “gift”, as it’s hard to be so sensitive, it has taught her much about life. Titanya began to realize that she better learn about healing, because it wasn’t going away. So, she went to find it in her own way, knowing she couldn’t “touch” people like her mother. She was way “too sensitive”. So she found her way into Life Colors.

If you’ve been to one of Donna’s classes, you know that she may sign your Energy Medicine book and sometimes tell you the colors she sees around your aura. Sometimes she will see your life colors. One day almost 10 years ago, someone at Titanya’s vending booth exclaimed that she didn’t know what the color “Dusty Rose” meant. Titanya said that it was like someone else spoke for her and said, “I’ll tell you what that means.” That woman got the first Life Color reading… And that’s how Life Colors came into her life. She has been researching further throughout these last 10 years diving into places, where her Mother hasn’t gone. They now have found over 100 life colors thus far. Visit Titanya’s Life color page to know more.

With a B.A. in Art background and growing up drawing and painting throughout her life, Titanya creates and sells Energy Medicine tools for healing: including energy charts, hand beaded magnets, and crystals. Titanya is a graduate of the Donna Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, specializing in Women’s issues and Energy Medicine for Kids.

As a Teacher…

as teacherTitanya loves children and has never lost her connection to her “Inner Child” herself; this is why she makes such a great teacher. She has taught in daycare and preschool centers since 1985.

She created her own form of children’s movement classes, incorporating the culture and dance of many different countries while living in Boulder, Colorado. Later, she created a children’s dancing troupe, dancing for festivals around Colorado.

After moving back to Southern California, Titanya found herself more involved with Energy Medicine, her Mother’s work. For over 20 years, she has been combining Energy Medicine with her Waldorf Education background and bringing it into workshops and classes for adults in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program. The classes are so popular, for as we all know the adult soul is in constant healing of our own “Inner Children”.

Titanya also leads sacred ceremony mainly in her Mother’s school, but all over the world where invited. She has a long history studying privately since her early teens in group ritual and sacred space.

As a Teacher in Dance…

as a teacher and danceTitanya found Middle Eastern dance in 1982 when she was still in high school, and learned it from her godmother. She feels that she had extraordinary teachers and loves to give this feeling back to her own students. Attracted to the history and empowerment of this strong woman’s dance, and how she felt this strength and empowerment in her own body, Titanya drank up everything that came to her and now is very knowledgeable in the culture and dance of the Middle East. Since then, she has loved sharing and teaching this dance with its beautiful ancient story to women, all over the world, to find their own female empowerment.

Titanya began dancing professionally in 1990 in the nightclub scenes in San Diego and then quickly moved to Europe to continue her career overseas. Dancing throughout Europe while going to school, she entertained audiences with her one woman shows, filled with storytelling, dance and music. Moving back to the United States, she formed the Bedouin Moon Dance Theatre in Boulder, Colorado and founded the Nightingale and the Performing Arts Company in 1997. With her company, She produced professional stage productions, such as The Goddess Dances, Rock, Roll and Belly dance and a 31 cast version of Scheherazade ~ The Veil behind the Blade.

Titanya now travels all over the world teaching Middle Eastern Dance. Since becoming more involved with her Mother’s work in 1996, Titanya has been incorporating Energy Medicine and the ancient Chinese Five Element system into her belly dance workshops, calling them Five Element Belly dance. With her belly dancing sister, Dondi, they teach together at annual retreat workshops in this very unique style. These two sisters enhance each other in their own unique styles and elements, Titanya brings an element of spiritualism and healing to the belly dance while Dondi brings her expertise, technique and knowledge of this sacred art form. Their workshops are fantastic and having these two very different teachers makes a well-rounded class. They always have fun with lots of laughter and their students come back year after year!

“Titanya is the Movement Director at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and travels all around the world, bringing Energy Medicine Dance and Energy Medicine for Kids at her Mother’s workshops, over the last 20 years.”

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