Book Info

Book Info


Coming in 2019. Nearly finished…one final edit
and then, awaiting it’s birth…
Energy Medicine for Kids ~ 
A Simple Guide for Children and the Adults who Love Them

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I know so many of you have been waiting on pins and needles for this book, but really, this book is going to be better than what it might have been, if I would have finished it years ago.
My sweet baby boy, Sequoia has been adding to the book with some bits of reality and how we intervened with his care through Eden Energy Medicine.  I am so excited over this book, which is becoming more of a tool kit for children of all ages, including teenagers and an informative book for parents and families.

What is Energy Medicine for Kids?

When children get to know themselves through their own energy, they find a pride of who they are and an empowerment within themselves.

Energy Medicine for Kids empowers children, parents and their caregivers by teaching them fun and simple exercises that are an alternative approach to achieving balanced and vibrant health.

The additional benefits include helping kids overcome learning challenges, inspiring confidence and enhancing communication for a healthier parent and child bond.

Energy Medicine for Kids goes further to bring more movement in fun and creative ways that support the classroom and family experiences. The benefits last for many years to come and as children grow up will find that they are using some of the techniques in their everyday settings, such as work, performance enhancement, relationships and greater health.

The book is also filled with many creative ways teachers can add Energy Medicine techniques into their classrooms. As a Certified Waldorf Educator and Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, this book weaves in both the Eden and Rudolf Steiner methods to create more of a harmony for the whole family at home and in the classroom!
This will be an amazing book to help empower children in order to get to know their own unique energy fields and learn simple tools to address learning challenges, sensitivities, self-esteem issues and health concerns.
Of course, there will be a huge section about baby energy medicine techniques too filled with all the tools that I am using for teething, fussiness, colic, digestion and allergies with my son, Sequoia Rayne.
Stay Tuned!

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