Basic overview of life colors

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Remember, these are abbreviated descriptions – Titanya gives fuller interpretations of these colors in person, by email or Skype.  Click here  for Life Color Reading Program information. 

Blues– Nuturers, Caretakers, Mothers, Emotional, Kinesthetic


Greens– Power, Money, Corporations, Leaders

Reds– Lively and Fun, Sensual, Issues with Sexuality, Passionate 

Oranges– Adventurous, Dare Devils, Jealous relationship behavior

Tans– Great Fathers, Practical, Logical, Seeks Scientific proof

Violets– Visionaries, Seeks Spiritual Growth, Humanitarians


Yellows– Great Minds, Thinkers and Solvers, Great organizers

Indigos– Psychic, Sensitive, Talented in different ways. Each Indigo is very different in their talents.

Lavenders– Fairy energy, hard to stay connected to time and technology, very Sensitive.

Deeper Life Colors…

Purple- Bring a security for their partners as well as a deep connective intimacy. They carry deep wisdom and are very psychic. They hold grounding for others to heal and transition. (more common than rare)


Plum- Literally, they have a lot of luck in their life.  They are genuinely happy people and can shift energy to a positive place. (very rare)

Aqua-  Respectful with other’s processes, usually love to write. They have a lot of issues trying to find their voice in this and other lifetimes.  (more common than rare)

Teal- Deep wisdom, a balance of heart and head in business and relationship. They make good counselors. They are heart-clear and genuinely and calmly move into others’ energies to help.  They do have luck in money.

Sea-Green-  Deep, intuitive healers.  They are connected to the ocean and the Celtic lands. They can have money around them but not be attached to it. (there are many kinds of greens)

Mint and Light Greens- Need to work with their relationship to money a bit more; have a connection to elemental beings and nature. (very rare)

Avocado- Old-fashioned energy.  They are connected and healed through nature. They usually marry into money.

Grass Green- Fresh energy and make great healers! They can see the possibility within their clients.

Turquoise-   Old Souls, connected to the Earth. They often stay in the background, but they lift others up or support others. They are connected to Native American traditions.

Salmon-  Deeper thoughts than others know, and are natural healers. They believe they are not seen and naturally forgotten.(There can also be Salmon-rose, Salmon-Pink as colors too)

Amber- They are assimilators of information. They make things better with their brilliant minds than the teachers teaching the subject. They are mostly women and hold a warrior quality about them.

Auburn- They are old worldly, feeling not of this time, as if they stepped out of a Botticelli painting. They are brilliant Teachers/Counselors who can really hear your individual self. They are also incredibly attuned Psychically.

Coral- They could be a prude… trying to break out of an old fashioned way of being or an old life. They need more play in their life. They can have a fresh energy about them, bringing in light for others; sometimes not seeing their own light. They have a spiritual private softness.    (rare)

Copper-   These are often gay women.  They are the outdoorsy type. They are very grounded and can look like they handle things on their own, but really want a love to help them along. Usually keeps romantic hopefuls at bay.  They need to find their female side more.

Gold-  They are a light in this world… shine for others… and on others. They are positive people with a personal connection to angels.

Rose- They are old fashioned, esp. with romance. They love traditions and esp. with family and holidays.  They are too sweet at times and could use a bit more toughness. Relationships will be challenged in this lifetime, but they usually will find their soul mate. (We have now found many different versions of Rose… Dusty-Rose, Christmas Rose, Light Pink Rose, and the list goes on!)

Violet-Rose they are caught in between the past and the future. They will have their challenges between caught between their individual spiritual path and the relationships they hold.

Rosy-Blue “The Peace Lover”, envisions a world without war, striving for harmony in the world. They can be drawn to worldly causes. (Common)

Scarlett- “The Wandering Gypsy Spirit”.  They love to travel. They will be challenged to find their strength in this lifetime. (Rare)

Magenta- A holder for the truth, and can ‘rock’ the energy with their own thoughts. They bring more information. Usually, they are a wild and eccentric dresser with a unique soul.

Maroon- Very old souls with deep wounds that they need to heal in this lifetime. Trying to break free and not feel like a victim anymore.

Fuschia- They are passionate about life, spiritual and sexual connections. They can be drawn into Tantric practices. They talk in symbols. Can be seen on Gay men. (rare)

Chartreuse- They are very mental and very smart. A transformative color and holds space for others to change. They are healers, although it won’t look it from the outside.

– I call them ‘The Sassy Nun’. They are humble and hold reverence to the sacred. They are sweet on the outside and a bit surprisingly wild, when you get to know them. Can also be seen on Gay men.

Cobalt Blue- They have brilliant minds and ideas. They are hard to forget. Makes an impression with everyone they meet.

Navy Blue-
 They are traditional and loyal. They have a Mother and Father inside them and often take on both roles. They are often misunderstood by others.

Sapphire-  Are deep, insightful, evolved and can pierce the veil between the worlds. (very rare)

Azure Blue- I call them the ‘Wounded Healer’. They are working on a lot of past lifetime stuff in this lifetime, arising in illness.  They are incredible healers because of going through this darkness.

Periwinkle- This color is a combo of light blue and lavender. They have soft energy, but can also have strong opinions. Nature heals them. They are drawn to the healing arts and to art in general.

Light baby blue- Can have little boy energy within them or, they can have a sneaky impish and fun energy that likes to play.

Violet-Blue- They have a pull between their own spiritual path and that of being a mother. They usually don’t have children because of the spiritual lessons around what they bring to the world.

Opalescent-  my mother sees that they are a blend of pastel colors of pink, light blue, mint, soft yellow and lavenders. They are a new breed of children that are being born in the last 5-8 years. They are beings of joy that are uplifting the planet and it’s people. Very psychic as well.

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