For over two decades Titanya has come into her own in the world of Energy Medicine as an international expert in Life Colors, Energy Medicine for Kids & Energy Dance

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Energy Medicine is rooted in ancient healing and spiritual traditions. Energy Medicine's most popular form was created by holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden, Titanya's mother. Energy Medicine is used to heal and improve our health in subtle, non-invasive ways through the energy anatomy and the physical anatomy of the body.

I believe movement to be one of the greatest forms of healing.

Why we need to keep the Aura strong.

The Ancient Poi Ball

Moving with the Seasons of Life Part 2

Energy Medicine Dance Therapy

Grounding In The Grass

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These Energy Medicine Exercises are for anyone who is sensitive to negative energies, from people or from their environments. When you protect your energy body, it helps protect your physical body. These exercises help protect a person’s energy field to stay strong and healthy. Titanya Monique Dahlin is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and a certified Waldorf teacher and daughter of Holistic Health Pioneer, Donna Eden. She is writing the upcoming book, Energy Medicine for Kids.

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