Need some Root Chakra Work? Try a Red Crystal!

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The SearchlightSo many people need Root Chakra root work these days, from past traumas of finding your world ‘rocked around’ so much, that you don’t have any stability underneath you.   I sell Energy Medicine tools, including healing crystals, but so many times after a workshop, my Red Crystals are left behind. I am always amazed by this!

Are you someone who is up in their head and mind so much that there is no time to think about ‘down there energy’?  Even being on a computer too often can pull you away from your Root energy.  If you don’t have a partner who is “lighting up” your Root Chakra, have been celibate for a while, or have some old sexual wounding that you don’t want to look at, then you may be a person that needs some Root Chakra healing.

There are even some Violets that need to awaken their “Red energy” up, because they are so lofty on their spiritual path!  You may be a Green, Yellow or a Chartreuse Life Color, you also need some of this Red energy lit up too.  Roses and many shades of Red may have past sexual traumas and they too, might need some Sexual Healing and Root Awakening.

Always test your crystal colors, but here are a few tips for the Red Crystal!

The Red Crystal lights up your Root Chakra.  We all need to be rooted and grounded in our base chakras for any spiritual activity to open in higher chakras…Third Eye and even your own Heart, where self-love is generated.  A lot of people don’t understand this.  When we work and heal our Root Chakra, we can easily flow up into the Womb chakra and continue enlivening all the chakras up to our higher chakras of the intuition and more psychic awareness.

The Root Chakra is about feeling safe within your own environment, relationship and life. It is about survival issues as well.  If you are always on alert and don’t feel safe, this chakra will not get a lot of juice. This can be felt anywhere in your life…at home, in work, in relationships and in your own faith.  If one is constantly worrying when or if a “spiritual opening” may happen, they are not relaxed and then it won’t happen easily. Intuitions and Gut instincts arise in the Womb Chakra (around our belly, our waist and back to our adrenals), but it needs to begin at the Root Chakra first.  The Root Chakra is like a pilot light that can shine through and give energy to all the rest of the other chakras.

In the Orient, they say that we here in the West, are so up in our heads that we are lopsided… and we aren’t grounded or rooted strongly.  When we aren’t grounded and are constantly “top heavy” in our minds, we just topple over. We need to have strong energy below.

When you work with Red Crystals, they can also open up the radiant circuits with the penetrating flow.  The Penetrating Flow is a Radiant Circuit, and brings in joy to your life. It is about finding your juicy aliveness, creativity and ecstatic joy.  It’s the feeling when you are in love… that’s a Radiant Circuit Energy.  It helps you love life and everything is easier when your Penetrating Flow is flowing. It gets activated through sex, masturbation, and laughter.  When one isn’t getting these experiences or they don’t feel sexy and alive, they need to activate their penetrating flow.

Sometimes, when someone is “in love” or experiencing an awakening in the root chakra sexually, they also tend to open either psychically in their crown or feel a lightening in their mind.  They have that “top of the world” feeling!  On the other hand, they can “get far out of themselves” too and see illusions that may not be there… as in maybe a relationship is “one sided” and they have false illusions of what is really there.  When is are firmly grounded in the Root Chakra, they can balance these two energies equally and see the realities of life easier.

The root and the crown should work together… but if one is always in the head, they can get stuck when “trying too hard” to open their third eye.  Any sort of movement that focuses on pelvic motions… Belly Dance, African Dance, Hula and Tahitian Dancing are all great for activating this Root Chakra energy and pull up and awaken your penetrating flow.  I’ve always done this myself, but as Sara Allen says, “Wear Red underwear too, for strengthening up that Root Energy!” Ha!

This year, 2014, I have many workshops with Energy Medicine Belly Dance happening on the East and West Coasts.

Check out my calendar!

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