2 DVD Set – Energy Medicine for Women through Belly Dance

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Dim the lights, put on a flowing skirt and join Titanya as you meet your own Divine Feminine Spirit. Titanya is a renowned and award winning bellydancer and now you learn directly from her in this highly anticipated 2 DVD set!



bd_dvd_back_coverMost woman in their hearts have always wanted to learn how to Bellydance, it is innate. In this new DVD set you can learn in the privacy of your home, or invite some friends over to create a beautiful and fun night of dance and bonding. Titanya has been a Middle Eastern Bellydancer Dancer for over 30 years is highly sought after for her wisdom about the history and symbolism of bellydanceing, which you will learn in her DVD’s. Within her teaching style, she combines the effective health benefits of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine with the ancient art form of Bellydance so this is a unique and joyous connection to your own energy.

In this 2 DVD set, you will learn about the sacred history and basics of Middle Eastern dance including Veil, Drum Solo and a Choreographed Dance that you can practice at home.

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Bellydancing Benefits:

  • Connection with your divine feminine spirit
  • Become comfortable in your own skin
  • Free your energies to live in radiance
  • Empower your inner wisdom
  • Balance all your energy systems, including the Five Elements
  • Love yourself in a deeper way than ever before
  • Feel more joy and harmony
  • Promotes a restful nights sleep
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases oxygen in the body, which has numerous health benefits
  • Strengthens your core muscles – a fun way to get your exercise in for the day!
  • Increases circulation which encourages radiant skin, and a better memory
  • The abdominal movements support healthy digestion
  • The movements in the pelvic region can decrease menstrual cramps
  • Heal yourself through dance – Whenever we use our muscles we release toxins, old stagnant energy and wounds so these DVD’s will help your over-all sense of well-being, and even change your perspective of yourself, others and our world! A true gift!
  • By incorporating Eden Energy Medicine you will receive even more health benefits and tools to increase your natural health and vitality
  • Consult your doctor but studies have shown it provides an easier childbirth experience – for you and your baby!



More About Titanya

Titanya Dahlin is also an energy medicine practitioner, teacher, holistic health pioneer and life-color reading expert and she has brought all her vast knowledge to this highly acclaimed video!

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