What the Bleep is Happening to Me?!

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A Soul Catching Experience

by Titanya Dahlin

about-titanya-4At every workshop, almost everyone yearns to “see” the energies, the colors and the shapes that Donna Eden sees through our own eyes. It seems like the ultimate highest intuitive sense, doesn’t it? Well, don’t be too hurried for those things that you might not be prepared for…and here is why. Let me tell you of my own unexpected experience that happened to me, when I first came into the work.

As Donna Eden’s daughter, I am one of those sensitive individuals that can walk into a room and get zapped by everyone’s energy. I have always had difficulty holding hands in a healing circle or being inundated with people who want to hug me. I find it hard to go to historical landmarks where war, plagues, injustices etc. had taken place through time. My sister, Dondi and her partner, Roger are former tour guides and historical buffs and are always booking us to stay at the oldest and most unique places during our travels. And even though I do everything that my Mother has taught me to protect myself, it is still hard for me to do energy work on anyone without feeling drained or receiving some of their “stuff” after their healing. It takes me a long time to “shake it off” and recover.

Even though I grew up with the work and am a third-generation healer and intuitive, graduated as a student in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program(2008), I still felt that I did not learn how to protect and ground myself enough. It became all too clear with the experience that followed.

On a side note: We have made changes to the certification program with specialized attention toward protecting and grounding yourself when healing. This is all due to my “guinea pig” experience.

Early on when I was asked to be on faculty at the Certification Program, I was chosen to take the role of Soul Catcher, as one of my many roles. A Soul Catcher’s job is to observe the energy shifts in the classrooms and if the energies shift toward emergency situations catch those sensitive students that may spin out and balance them to adjust. Spinning out can represent anything from headaches to nausea to intense breakdowns. You, as a soul catcher are the energy rescue angel and you help anyone in need.

All my life, I never wanted to be in this field of work. Why? From an early age, I saw my mother ”laid up” in bed after many private sessions, as she’d talk on the phone with her clients that were now walking and feeling better for the first time in many years. Of course she was so happy for them that she could not tell them that she now couldn’t walk and was talking to them while lying down in bed. I’d hear stories about clients with entities that would jump into my mother’s body and séances that had to be performed to get rid of them. Strange experiences were common in our household and I have many weird stories. I have always been fascinated by the Occult and had the ability to see, feel, hear, and even smell the nuances from the world unseen. I even talked with the elemental beings from an early age. I saw colors (auras) around people until the first day of preschool. (That’s another story!) And so, I never thought twice about this “other world” that was more natural and normal to me. That was my childhood.

Over the years, my mother learned how to protect her own energy, because she had a “booming business” to fulfill. She found her own ways of protection and grounding the energy that came off of clients. The generic “white light shields that everyone may rely upon, were just not cutting it! She then began to teach others who wanted to learn this work…and it all started with Sandy Wand, her first student, with one-on-one teachings. Classes followed and then classes grew into workshops and workshops grew into a book and then into the Certification Program in both the United States and the U.K.

So here I was many years later, finding myself on the faculty of her schools. I was going to take my job serious and so I dove right in! Back to the story: I was the only soul catcher for the two large classes at C.P.(certification program) of 300 students in that year. I did my job and rescued/healed many in need, but at the same time I did not realize that I was losing myself in the process. Sometimes, I had as many as three to five people at a time who I was trying to help, and many of them were all very sensitive souls, like me. These were the ones who could pick up any vibration, any shift of energy, anyone’s mood, electromagnetic in the room, environmental stress, etc. I knew these sensitivities all too well. Later, many of these unique individuals came onto the faculty for they were the ones who make the best healers themselves, for they could feel the “energy between the spaces”.

When the class was over, I left the C.P early and rushed immediately into a series of other jobs, which took me to Northern California and England. It was so rushed; I only had less than twenty-four hours at home to pack up to teach that year at the Tribal Belly dance Festival in Sebastopol, California.

When I got home, something did not seem right in my energies, but I chalked it up to exhaustion and emotional stress. Even, my partner, Jeff, told me that I looked more drained than he’d ever seen. My skin was pasty, dull and lifeless. …of course nothing that a little makeup could not cover! I was also experiencing really bad mood swings, and Jeff was at a loss as to how to help. I didn’t even know what to do for myself! Jeff, my partner got yelled at unjustly for more than a few times. Slowly, I was beginning to see that this wasn’t your average fatigue stress, yet I could not focus on what was “out of sorts” within myself. I had no time to think about it…did my daily routine and was “off” to Sebastopol.


In the days that followed, it seemed like I was in another space and time. I felt like I was getting the flu. I could not focus. I was tripping over my own feet; being clumsy and bumping into things. I even fell a few times, a far cry from my usual graceful personality. Well, there was no grace in this dancer whatsoever! I also felt like I was on a real short swing, rocking to and fro, very fast and it wouldn’t stop. I had relapsed into my childhood dyslexia and dyscalculia (difficulty with mathematical and number calculations), more than I’d ever have before in my life. I got seasonal allergies, for the first time in my life, too…coughing, sneezing and runny noses which weren’t considered very beautiful for a belly dancer ready to teach and perform. A weird thing happened with my perception too. I would reach for a glass on the table only to find it was inches away to the right or left of my grasp. I felt unstable, uncoordinated and dropped things continuously. I had a foggy brain and would forget where I left something. Yet, I was incredibly attuned to everything around me …good and bad. I also had a high sensitivity to anything technological- TV’s, radio, computer, even the refrigerator! I couldn’t stand being in the same room when they were on and I love the radio (music is my life). I couldn’t go near the computer for at least a couple of months after this experience even, so of course my life backed up with emails just sitting there not opened.

On the positive side during this time, I was highly intuitive and then just while I was reveling in it… all of a sudden to my surprise, I was “seeing” in between the worlds! That was intense! I would sit still and watch beings of all sizes and even pets walk by, as if I was “sidewalk watching”, but it wasn’t in this materialistic world. They were see-through and made of light shadows.
This was very freaky! I felt like Alice down the Rabbit Hole.
“Who are you?!!” Said the hookah smoking Caterpillar. “Well, I know who I was this morning, but I’ve gone through several incarnations since then.” Alice said to the Caterpillar.


While in Northern California at the Festival, I taught my belly dance classes and luckily, I could wear a mask to hide the fact that I was completely “out of it”. No one knew how ungrounded and unstable I really was. I was clearly not myself; I was literally a shell of myself. But, the show must go on, right?! My class was packed and my dance performance came off without a hitch. Thank the Goddess!!!

In two days, I would be leaving for England. I called up my Mom and told her of what I was experiencing. She knew all to well what was going on and realized that my own symptoms mimicked her early days in her own learning challenges of her healing career. She did not want me to take the endlessly long flight to England or even be in an airplane. She wanted to come and meet me ASAP and get “this thing” fixed. Since I was in Northern California that wasn’t feasible but about an hour away, one of our top Energy Medicine Practitioners, Beverly Davies, lived. She said that if I could get myself to Beverly, she could fix me up until my Mom could see me when I got back from the U.K. My mom agreed, but wasn’t too pleased.

I knew I shouldn’t have even been driving with my impaired vision and ungrounded feeling as the ride to Beverly’s in Napa was shaky in the car. I needed a lot of help, so I made sure I was extra careful on the road which was very hard to do under the circumstances. Beverly, although I didn’t know it at the time, was the perfect E.M practitioner to help me. One of Beverly’s specialties is “Psychic Self Defense” and she has created a whole protocol in it. She helped me get grounded with some of her amazing techniques and then bandaged me up in order to get on that plane a few days later.

I flew to London, thinking that everything was all fine. I danced and had a workshop at the Body, Mind, Spirit festival, both in Middle Eastern dance and Energy Medicine. What I didn’t know and what my Mom realized later was, THAT I DIDN’T HAVE AN AURA! I never knew such a thing was possible. If one doesn’t have an aura, then ANYTHING could get into our energy field and affect our physical body. And yes, it did! I went to London and all the dark forces of that the city, from the present to its far distant past history came into my field. I was not protected in the least, but I didn’t know this.

Now, the Body, Mind Spirit Festival is like a “Metaphysical Mecca” and attracts all sorts of characters. That was intense in itself with forlorn needy people wanting my attention in many ways, especially because I was teaching Energy Medicine as well. Then, with London’s history of bloodshed and plagues and deceptive government history; I was picking up everything! I also found myself invited to dance at a pagan event, which had strange individuals hanging around that clung to me and were hard to shake off.

Every night I was taking the Underground, an hour to my friend’s home. Subways, buses and public transportation always has thrown me “off” in the past, so here I was passing through the dark underground streets of London, without protection, in a speeding steel machine full of people of every size, color, and some of the weirdest characters you’ve ever seen.

I had a few encounters on the underground, which weren’t very pleasant and found myself being chased and verbally abused from some weirdo and hid myself in a crowd to escape. When I walked from the underground in the dark to my friend’s house, I couldn’t stay protected, no matter what or how brave I acted…I felt like I something or someone could just trickle past this ‘courageous front’ that I was trying to uphold.

After the festival, I needed to get away from London. “I got it,” I thought…”I’ll go out to Cornwall, the country I love so much!” This has always been one of my favorite places in England. Well, instead of being at one with the land and the elemental beings, I was a stone and couldn’t follow a map or my own instincts of where to go. I have amazing sense of direction and intuition with the land, in other words, I have a lot of magnetite! (My mother tells a story when I was a baby and got her out of a city when she was lost. I couldn’t talk, but just pointed the way while she was crying and driving.) So with everything else, I ended up crashing the rental car. I guess that I still hadn’t gotten my perception back while driving.

I finally got home to good old America! I was so happy to be home. Mom rushed up to my home in Big Bear Lake and spent the next 5 days fixing and getting me back to my own self. She also used it as a great way to get “tuned in” for her advanced class coming up. A few things came to light of why I was having such weird experiences. It was only then that Mom found out that I had lost my aura. What a concept! Because of this, I also used up and burnt out my adrenals and so everything was coming into my field. I was exhausted, depleted and now my back was beginning to hurt a lot (due to adrenal exhaustion). I began to have seasonal allergies, another thing that can happen when you lose your aura. I was always so proud that I never had allergies my whole life and now here I was sneezing, with a runny nose…the works! Everything was locked up and holding onto everything that had happened since the C.P. where I was taking care of so many individuals without taking care of my own self-care. I was a mess and could not release anything!

These are some of the things that Mom did with me. These techniques are what she teaches and covers in her books (Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women). My grounding to the Earth was very off, which made my balance and coordination falter, so my Mom did “The Suckability Technique” everyday, she spooned my feet, held K-1and stomach sedating. We did Large Intestine sedating to release all the built up stuck energy that had come into my field. We also did “Homolateral/CrossCrawl Re-patterning” for the terrible dyslexia and foggy thinking I was having, and “Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing”, Kidney sedating to get my adrenals back, and “The Crystal Aura Builder” to strengthen my aura again. Crystal Aura Building is where you take a crystal (a bigger crystal is better in this case) and begin to strengthen your aura by spinning it around you. You begin close to your skin and then slowly, push it out from there into your etheric field. I also began to do this, on my own, using my own hands and then pat it as if you were patting down sand at the beach, for strengthening.

Later, I shared this technique with one of my “Spin out people” (from C.P) as a solution to her own problem. She was “crystal sensitive” and my feeling is that she was part “Crystal life color”. Sometimes, Crystal life colors will feel great using crystals on themselves, but their clients can “spin out. Or on the other hand, they, themselves, can be too sensitive to that crystalline energy. They can’t even use the crystal themselves…It’s almost like they have an allergy to themselves. That’s tough! When the client “spins out”, it will be like being in a Crystal life color’s energy field, three times as powerful and everything that it brings (See, Donna Eden’s Life Colors C.D). Consulting my mother, I told her to use anything in her field that she feels good with…a flower, another stone, a piece of empowering jewelry, etc.

So, after all of this, I was finally put back together and actually felt stronger and healthier than ever. If this experience of mine has finally helped the certification program address and teach these issues of protection, centering and grounding, then I am happy…but, I clearly do not want to go through it again! Keep yourself protected and do your own self-care when you heal! It will help you in ways that you don’t even realize.

The World is moving in an alarming rate and we are all feeling the shifts happening in our own lives. (I know that I am feeling them full force. Are you?) The Universe is sending us surprising changes to our own comfortable existence, so that we must transform and grow in order to move forward. Things we’ve always counted on in our lives are falling apart…a divorce, a child dies, and you lose a job, so that we can get stronger and meet the challenges ahead. We cannot stay in the world we’ve known. The time is now. We need to be prepared and protected. Strengthen your own auric field to stay protected during the shifts.
Blow out! Hook up! And Zip up!

If you want to know more about the Aura and more ways to protect it, read my article on the Kid’s page about the Aura.

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