Life Colors & the Auric Field

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We are living in exiting and tumultuous times as the world is leaving the Violet age behind and has come into the Indigo age recently. What does this mean to you?

Learning about your own Life Color can show a unique aspect of your individual path. I can also help you understand how to relate to others, as well as what drives your purpose in life.

The Aura is an electromagnetic field around your entire body that protects your space from the environment, kind of like Tinker Bell’s magical light filled glow that shines around her. The Aura is a two-way antennae that receives information in from the environment and gives to the environment and about who you are.

Life Colors sit within the 6th field of your Aura and shows the blue print of who you are in life. You are born with it an die with it and it will never change. Each color has a vibration that resonates as an archetype through your lifetime, picking up on belief systems, career, relationships, and family patterns.

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