Mp3 Download – The Wisdom of the Five Energies

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The Five Energies are our natural rhythm with the earth and learning to dance through them can change your life, heal your life! This in depth download will bring more self-love, joy and vitality into your life. Listen to it in your car on the way to work, and help your day go smoother. You will begin to relate to your family members and co-workers in a different way so that there is more empathy and connection.


Understanding which energy you are most connected to will expand your understanding of yourself and how you interact with the people and world around you.  For over two decades I have been studying and teaching The Five Energies (The Chinese Five Elements) and I have seen people transform their energy and lives, it’s truly amazing! Learn more.

This is a comprehensive audio guide to teach you how to tap into your natural rhythm and by dancing through all the rhythms you can shift your life. You will begin to fully connect to your higher self, to the earth and live a healthier and happier life.


  • Empower yourself by connecting with your unique rhythm and personality
  • Explore how your body feels when dancing through all the rhythms which gives you an inside view into where you may need more balance and / or release in your life
  • Deepen and understand the relationships in your life
  • Release and heal old emotional wounds and traumas
  • Create physical and energetic vitality
  • Release physical or energy blockages
  • Connect to your higher source
  • Learn to create balance in your life
  • Create transformational personal growth
  • Achieve more joy, love, balance and health in your everyday life

“Very early on, while working in close connection with my Mother and holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden, something clicked when I learned about the Five Elements. I was very familiar with the four elements, but learning about the five made so much more sense in who people were and how I related to them in the world.  I felt the whole world could live in more harmony together, if they only knew about the five elements.  In 1997, I began to teach the five elements through my Belly dance workshops, and later brought my sister, Dondi Dahlin, in to collaborate and develop this amazing work of our Mother’s. It is Donna Eden, who I have great respect for, for she is the first one to compile this information into the five element format of reading the personality of the individual through health, mind and spirit.”  – Titanya Monique Dahlin


More About This Download
CD#1) Within this download, Titanya’s research and knowledge culminates in this comprehensive audio guide that includes a full introduction of the Five Elements, the relationship of yin and yang and how the elements relate to each individual’s personality. She brings many health exercises and tips relating to the five elements for greater harmony and balance within your relationships and self throughout each section.

CD#2) Titanya’s melodic voice is accompanied by original indigenous native music by Efrain Mamani (Wayra) that will transcend your experience as you move through the mediation and movement of each of the Five Elements.  Titanya will guide you to hold neurovascular points, relating to each element and emotion as you listen to the music inspired by that individual element.  You can either move organically or stay seated as you meditate through the element’s melodies.

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