Learning Challenges in Children

From the periods of the 1950’s through the 70’s, many of the learning disabilities that have been discovered were yet to be defined. Many parents were led to believe that there was something wrong with their child. It wasn’t until later that many kids were identified with dyslexia, a learning disability in reading, writing and speaking. As research continued, it’s only been more recent that more precise forms of Dyslexias have surfaced including Dysnomia (ability to recall objects, words and names), Dyspraxia (inability to perform coordinated movements) and Dyscalculia. (a severe difficulty in making arithmetical calculation).

As a parent, it is so frustrating to know that your child may be brilliant, but traditional educational testing and learning does not match every individual brain. Energy Medicine for Kids can help children catch up to the other students in their classroom and not fall behind, allow them to shine in their own unique ways, build confidence within themselves and even stand up to bullies…

In this interview, Titanya shares some great techniques to help empower your child through some rough educational times.