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Life-Colors are your Energetic Fingerprint. Learning about your unique color signature reveals insights that will transform your life!


Thanks to Titanya’s vast experience and deep intuitive abilities, her Life-Color readings are one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, or a loved one.

Titanya is a third generational intuitive and healer, as her Mother is Holistic Health Pioneer Donna Eden. Donna trained and gave Titanya the gift for continuing the Life Color Readings, as she did not have time to sit with her students.  Titanya has been reading Life Colors for about fifteen years and is slowly compiling information for a book about these amazing life changing tools.  Donna learned from Nancy Tappee the 13 Life Colors (in the 1980’s) and now Titanya has identified more than 136 Life colors to date!

Titanya will record the session and give you Eden Energy Medicine techniques and personal exercises to enhance your own personal Life Color.  She will also weave into the reading, information about your Sensory Systems and Five Elements, for in this way it becomes a complete assessment about your own individual self. Every now and then, if you have a loved one at home, she will have them come into the Skype Session and talk about the individual Life Color energy between the family relationships.

“Titanya Dahlin has, by far, the best understanding of the colors in auras… especially in Life Colors of anyone. I’ve personally witnessed the excitement that occurs after Titanya has completed a Life Color reading. It is such a thrill to have the mysteries of your vibrations (colors) revealed to you.”
~ Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine

In each session you will:

  • Learn about your Life-Colors and the life-lessons they hold
  • Uncover your life purpose
  • Understand your life-patterns and evaluate if they serve your highest potential
  • Discover if you are on the right path or not
  • Make sense of your Life’s Path to this point
  • Learn to use your energy to reach your full potential
  • Transform your life into a joyful and harmonious journey
  • Discover your special gifts and how to use them
  • Create a deeper sense of self-love
  • Understand and deepen the relationships in your life

Titanya’s Life Color Program

How It Works

Each Skype session is about 2 hours long. Paid in advance.  Once you have paid for your reading, Titanya will send you an email requesting a photo of you and how you can schedule your session.  You will also learn how to record your session. During this session you get all of Titanya’s expertise and attention for all your Life Color needs. You can still ask questions, but she is going to tell you everything from your career, relationships, life’s lessons and challenges, all related to your Life Color.

Other Ways Titanya Reads Your Colors  

  • If you attend a workshop Donna may see and tell you your life color during book signings. Titanya can then tell you a brief explanation of your color, if she is there at the event.
  • Because of Titanya’s work at Energy Medicine Events, both in front and behind the scenes, we ask that you sign up at her vending table as early as possible. Generally, she does 15-minute readings during lunch, in a group setting.
  • Donna and Titanya no longer read Life Colors from photographs. Many times, it is the “moment to moment” Aura Color that is being captured on film, rather than a Life Color. Your photo is now only used to assist in your Life Color Reading and Titanya will ask you to send this when doing a Skype Reading.


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Your Life-Colors Hold The Answer…

Life-Colors are your Energetic Fingerprint. Learning about your unique color signature reveals insights that will transform your life! We are all born with certain life lessons to overcome and this is reflected in your Life-Colors. Thanks to Titanya’s vast experience and deep intuitive abilities her Life-Color readings are one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, or a loved one.


Planetary Life Colors and How They Affect Us

What is a Life Color?

1. If you want to know more about the descriptions of the colors, go here.
2. You may want to buy Donna’s Life Color CD, which has the basic 10 colors on it (see below). Blue, Violet (which is not Purple), Yellow, Green, Red, Tan, Indigo, Lavender, Orange, Crystal. Go to the Innersource site for Life-Colors and for Color Healing Properties Buy the Life Color C.D

Listen to Titanya on the Radio: Life Color Reading Interview with Anne Deatly on VoiceAmerica.

Learn more about power of Life-Color Readings

Read More!


Here is what some of her clients have to say:

Titanya is a brilliant and masterful interpreter of the life colors. The reading she gave me was so nuanced, so accurate and so sensitive, that I felt she had truly touched the heart of who I am as a person. Titanya has a gift to help people heal through her ability to intuitively connect with a person’s essence and then reflect it back to them through words. She is a healer through words, and I am in awe of her abilities. Even a year after my reading, if I find myself in a slump, I go back to her notes and I find myself feeling restored, inspired and radiant from reading it. I would recommend Titanya’s readings to anyone who is fascinated by energy and has a desire to understand themselves better. 
E. Butler, Holistic Creative Coach. N. California

“Dear Titanya, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your life color reading was spot – on – accurate. It spoke to me profoundly and helped me see myself and appreciate myself again. It brought me a lot of joy and clarity. Wow, what a gift to be seen! I was blown away!” J. Folger, Energy Medicine Practitioner

“People have often explained to me that they have connected to their soul’s journey, feel comforted by who they are by hearing about their own unique energetic vibration through their Life Colors. They have often made important decisions in life based upon these sessions and their world has made a positive difference” – Titanya Monique Dahlin


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