Calming Garden Lavender Aura Mist


Lavender is very soothing; it helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also is a powerful way to cleanse your auric field and the environment around you. It has so many benefits, I love it!

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Why Protecting Our Aura Is Important
Our Aura is like a big bubble of invisible energy around us. It can be thought of as an invisible space suit. It is like two-way antennae, in which information comes into our energy body and helps us make sense out of it for our physical body. It also gives out information to the world around you about who you are. It is constantly changing, moment-to-moment so caring for and keeping our aura strong may be one of the most important things we can do for our energy and physical body. It is as important as taking your daily vitamins for the day.

How To Use: Spray it around your head a few inches out, around your aura and on your heart chakra, in the middle of your chest. Spray on your power point, on the back and in the middle of your neck, in the hollow between the two humps.

Product Description
When our auric field is healthy we feel great! My aura mist will keep your energy cleansed from outside energies and in today’s world we need that. My Calming Garden Lavender Aura Mist is a great complement to any self-care routine you use. It is supportive for your energy, emotions, and nervous system and has numerous other benefits!

Mist Benefits:

  • Spray around your body to clear your aura of negativity, blockages and excess energy
  • Spray it directly onto your skin – it helps mature skin stay youthful and even decreases acne
  • Spray it on your pillow before you go to bed for a soothing nights sleep
  • It is very calming to the body, emotions and mind
  • Use at work to clear your head
  • Use it as an energy cleanser just as you would light sage or Palo Santo
  • It helps clear away electromagnetic energy  – you want to use these especially if you are in front of a computer all day
  • Use it to clear the energy between clients if you are a practitioner of any kind.
  • Use it in your sessions for a calming effect on your clients emotions and ask their permission and always energy test them, if you know how.
  • Use it if you have had any kind of conflict with a loved one, or anyone

More Benefits of Lavender
Physically it has amazing benefits for pain relief and the rapid healing of burns and acts as an antiseptic to heal your skin. It aids headaches-migraines, hot flashes, and EMF’s. It heals bug bites and even acts as an insect repellent. For the respiratory system it helps combat airborne mold and is even good for microbial activity on the gums. It’s helpful for muscle aches, pains and psoriasis.

Titanya’s Tips: Great to keep in your refrigerator for hot flashes, migraines and to cool yourself in hot weather!

Ingredients: French Lavender in a pure Aloe Vera distillate
Non-toxic, not-irritating and non-sensitizing
4 oz. Glass Bottle

Caution: Please use common sense when using any product on your face or body. All products are for external use only. Give yourself a patch test* before you begin use. And remember, you are in a constant state of change; so if irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use. If condition persists, see your doctor.

* Patch test: Apply a small amount of the product to your inner wrist. If no irritation occurs within 24 hours, it’s fine to use.


This information is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way or replace medical advice. Please, always store away from children, pets and excessive heat or light, as this may alter the quality and effectiveness. Never leave the cap off of any essential oils as this increases oxidation and potential for skin irritation. A good general rule of thumb is not to use most all essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy. Many should be avoided throughout all of pregnancy. Many have not been proven unsafe, but then again, have not been proven safe either. Even though they have been around and used for many years, the safety concern lies with crossing the placental barrier and possible fetotoxicity. This supplemental information is provided for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated, endorsed or approved by the FDA.


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