For over two decades Titanya has come into her own in the world of Energy Medicine as an international expert in Life Colors, Energy Medicine for Kids & Energy Dance

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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is rooted in ancient healing and spiritual traditions. Energy Medicine's most popular form was created by holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden, Titanya's mother. Energy Medicine is used to heal and improve our health in subtle, non-invasive ways through the energy anatomy and the physical anatomy of the body.

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About Titanya Monique Dahlin

Titanya Monique Dahlin (EEMCP) is an author, a multi-dimensional artist and a certified Waldorf education teacher.  She is a nationally award-winning speaker, an expert at holistic and spiritual ceremonies, a professional award-winning dancer, and is the creator/founder of the popular Energy Medicine Dance program and so much more.  For nearly two decades, Titanya has come into her “own” in the world of Energy Medicine. She has worked closely with her mother …holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden, for most of her life. She is on the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program and is the Movement Coordinator.  She also is one of the co-founders and teachers in the acclaimed Teach the Teacher program.  For more than a decade she has been a featured presenter with annual workshops at the acclaimed Omega Institute in New York.

Titanya has a world-wide following from her teachings in Energy Medicine and she is a sought after expert in the field of Life Colors.  Her professional movement DVDs have sold thousands of copies, worldwide. 

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Recent Articles

April 30, 2015 |

Fear in Children ~ Things That Go Bump in the Night

Working consciously through Fear with Eden Energy Medicine *This article is an excerpt from Titanya’s new to-be-released book, “Energy Medicine for Children and Their Parents Too” Copyright 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to duplicate is required in writing. The Energy of Halloween is here and while young children may find excitement in the eerie decorations, scary costumes and ghost stories, it may bring up some fearful energy to others. A child’s imagination is greater than adults. Children live in the world of make believe and fantasy all the time. With all of us, our greatest fears come from within our own thoughts, always. Our minds can blow up a small image into something so...

April 27, 2015 |

Energy Medicine Dance

“Energy Dance” or “Energy Medicine Dance”™ is a form of movement based upon the Energy Medicine work of holistic healer, Donna Eden. Titanya, Donna’s daughter and the original creator of Energy Medicine Dance, began to work with her mother, in Donna’s international workshops,17 years ago. She is now on the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification School, where she teaches and conducts ceremonies. Early on Titanya saw that the students needed a better way to remember the Energy Medicine exercises, so she created Energy Medicine Dance™ to bring more flow and joy, as well as increase the health benefits of normal movement with Eden’s exercises.  Feeling that these exercises were like a chore for some...

April 27, 2015 |

A Unique Energy Medicine Experience My First Energy Session was with a Dolphin!

I have been working in Eden Energy Medicine since I was young, but over the last 17 years, I began working beside my mother, Donna Eden, in her international workshops and am on the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP). As many in the community know, I don’t treat people in Energy Medicine as a profession, although I know how to energy track and intuitively feel where I am supposed to go.  This comes easy for me, but as I am extremely sensitive, this can be very dangerous for my own energies and so I work Eden Energy Medicine in my own way. I am Donna Eden’s daughter after all and...

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